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A Time For Silence

published by Honno Press, October 2012

Gwenllian Lewis married John Owen in 1933. Seventy-five years later, their granddaughter Sarah comes upon the ruined cottage where they had once farmed, and the discovery inspires her to investigate her family history. But when she unearths a shocking secret, her interest becomes an obsession. Escaping from her own tragedy, she immerses herself in an older one; a tragedy that overturns her fantasies of an idyllic past, for the story of Gwen and her husband John Owen was anything but idyllic. When the full unpalatable truth dawns on Sarah, she finds herself rethinking her own life.

"...a true page-turner, and as the tale grows in momentum, it graduates from chilling to horrific, as it tells of one woman's fixation with a past that should have remained closed."

"Piece by piece,she builds these women's lives until they sneak into our affections. The most chilling part of Thorne Moore's skill is the way that she represents evil."
Helen Tozer 


published by Honno Press, February 2015

In 1990, three women are anticipating motherhood.
Gillian is childless, and desperate to adopt, but should she?
Heather is stressed by a new move, financial worries and a young toddler. Is the imminent arrival of an unplanned second child the last straw.
Lindy is a desperate teenager, homeless and pregnant. The one thing she wants is a family.
Two babies are born in Lyford hospital. For two women it's a dream come true. For one, it's the start of a nightmare.

Twenty two years later...
Kelly is a happy young woman living with her mother Roz on a smallholding in Pembrokeshire. Vicky is a medical student nursing a grudge against her mother Gillian, in the home counties. They are worlds apart, but those worlds are about to crash into each other, when they set out to discover who they really are.

"...a heart-wrenching tale of three mothers and their love for their children... which kept me enthralled until the end."
Rosie Amber

"...a moving psychological story that will keep you on the edge of your seat."
Librarian Lavender

The Unravelling

published by Honno Press, July 2016

A bleak January evening and Karen Rothwell returns home from work. An apple falls from a bag and rolls into a gully. An insignificant event, but for some reason it sparks memories of a school friend Karen hasn’t seen or even thought about for thirty-five years.
Serena Whinn.
Why has Karen's forgotten childhood crush suddenly sprung into life - and what is it she is still not remembering?
Karen cannot rest until she finds out. But then, she’s never been able to rest—she’s too damaged.
And she is not the only one.
Will the truth heal, or only serve to open old wounds? Perhaps it will even inflict new ones. But whatever it does, the truth must come out.

"I cannot recommend The Unravelling enough; it’s a novel that should be on every readers ‘To Be Read’ list."
Judith Barrow

Moments of Consequence

published on Kindle, December 2016

A collection of short stories, including comedies, tragedies and histories. What is the true value of an old tea pot? (The Accountant). What happened on an uneventful day in Gloucestershire (It Was Late June). Has anyone stopped to look at a monument in the middle of Haverfordwest? (Dances On The Head Of A Pin). What lies behind the torn wallpaper of an old cottage? (Footprints).
The collection also includes three tales that add a little extra colour to the three Honno novels.

"Here again is her humane, intelligent, sharply observant voice in a series of very entertaining short stories. She has a wry view of human behaviour - nothing sentimental here - and a strong sense of justice, which makes them all very satisfying."
Janet Thomas


Published on Kindle, by Endeavour Press, June 2017 and paperback by FeedARead 2018

Kate Lawrence has a problem with death. It won't leave her alone. She's tuned into its shadows, whether it's happening a hundred miles away or whether it happened a hundred years ago. In her struggle to cope with her unwelcome gift, she has frozen people out of her life. Her marriage is on the rocks, her career is in chaos and she urgently needs to get a grip. So she decides to start again, by joining her effervescent cousiin Sylvia and partner Michael in their mission to restorie and revitalise an old mansion in the wilds of North Pembrokeshire. 

It is certainly a new start, but it takes Kate to a place that is bound to be thick with the shadows of past deaths. She is determined to learn to face them down - so determined that she fails to notice new shadows that are erupting around her. Shadows that, perhaps, she is helping to cast.

The author’s ability to create an atmosphere is exceptional...the reader is drawn into the story from the onset and then, piece by piece, caught up in the twists and turns of the narrative.
Judith Barrow

Long Shadows

Published on Kindle, by Endeavour Press, June 2018 and paperback by FeedARead 2018

A brief history of the ancient mansion of Llys y Garn, an estate revealed in Shadows to be imbued with dark shadows of long-forgotten mysteries. In the  three novellas of Long Shadows, those mysteries are explained. 

The Good Servant tells the story of Nelly Skeel,unloved housekeeper whose only focus of affection is her master’s despised nephew.
The Witch is the story of Elizabeth Powell, living in an age of religious bigotry and superstitions, who would give her soul for the house where she was born.
The Dragon Slayer tells the tale of Angharad ferch Owain, expendable asset in her father’s narrow schemes, who dreams of wider horizons, and an escape from the seemingly inevitable fate of all women.

The house of Llys y Garn and its rooks have watched over it all.

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