Tuesday, 6 November 2012

America the Tedious

The BBC is going to give us The US Election.  Blow by blow, state by state, as the results come in, with extensive commentary and analysis.  Why?  An all-night agonising coverage of our own general election makes sense.  Some of us will have been desperate to vote and will be on tenterhooks waiting to see if our vote actually made any difference.  But we Brits don't get to vote for the US President, so why not leave us with Heston Blumenthal and Midsomer Murders, and just give us the final result in the morning?  The BBC tells us that the choice of president will matter to us.  Of course it will.  It will effect us in the same way it will effect every other world citizen whose government, repressive or enlightened, will be supported, undermined, targeted, nagged, bolstered, insulted or ignored by the most powerful bully in the playground, but nothing we say or do will influence the result.  We are not even supposed to express an opinion, although I cannot help saying:
Note to Obama: Yes you can, but you didn't.
Note to Romney, re Olympics: Yes we can, and we did. Ya boo, sucks to you.

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