Sunday, 18 December 2016

Short Intermission

My first venture into indie publishing has happened – although in a very small way, and it is closely related to my novels published by Honno. Moments of Consequence is a book of short stories, and it’s there because I’ve written books and got them out there, I like writing books and getting them out there and it becomes a bit addictive. The more you write, the more you want to write. In the hiatus between the publication of my last novel (The Unravelling) and wondering what to do with my next, I had to have another fix.
Some of the stories have been around for a few years. One story, The Accountant, was my first ever publishing success, back in 2010, since it was voted Winner by the readers of a short story magazine called Debut. No harm in giving it another airing.

Some stories are ghost stories. Since I am a writer of “Domestic Noir,” I reckon there’s nothing more nourish than a ghost story. Or nothing more domestic than stories about houses and the secrets they hide.

History is always a fascination to me - especially the way our personal dramas and all-important issues are swallowed up by time.

ever seen this in the middle of Haverfordwest?

I have also included three stories to accompany my novels. This is a remarkably comforting way to avoid letting go. When you work on a novel, pouring your heart and soul into it for weeks, months, years even, there is a fabulous burst of triumph when you finally reach the last page. But that burst is very brief, and it’s followed by a dreadful gaping maw of emptiness. You can’t just cut the umbilical cord and move on. One option is to keep tweaking the original. Play this right, and you can keep it going for years. Good if you don’t want to let go, but bad if you really want to get it published. The alternative is to turn you attention to short stories that blur the awful finality of “The End.”

Having decided to fill in some gaps in my own published works, I had the arrogance to fill in some gaps in the works of others too. Well, why not?

somewhere in Gloucestershire

Moments of Consequence is out now, available on Kindle

Merry Christmas !!!